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Monday, August 19, 2013

scenes from the summer: again

I hate to even type this, but we are on our final week of Summer Break :( I really love our laid-back summer "schedule," but I also do like the structure that the school year brings, too. Carson starts next Monday and Harp starts next Wednesday (i think...we have open house this week so I'll know for sure when.) 

And have I mentioned we started football?? That's right, the Trochelman brothers are officially football players. I'm going to go ahead and predict that they will not go pro, but it's just a hunch ;) 

Carson has a lot of heart, and could be pretty decent with some practice...and Harper...oh my word...hilarious. The kid is out at practice doing front rolls across the field, among other things. But he is seriously having the time of his life. Which is the most important thing. Kind of..well the football part is kinda important too, I guess :)

A few weekends ago, we took the boys to see Despicable Me 2...I actually really liked it! Very funny movie that may or may not be under the Christmas Tree this year!


Our neck of the woods has had the strangest weather this summer that I have EVER experienced living here (practically my whole life). It has been very mild and has rained liked crazy. Last week, a cold front came through and we were at football practice every night with jeans and jackets on! Which is crazy for mid-August.

And with school starting up and random spurts of cool weather, I thought it was only right to add a few splashes of  fall in our living room! 

I think the boys look so grown with their haircuts.


We had a busy morning today...

8am physical for Carson:

followed by a quick Target run:

Then to a local church's playground to kill some time:

And finally to the boys' 11am dentist appointments...yay for no cavities!!


I'm going to throw this one on here just because he's cute :)

All for now!

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