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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Grant is 18 months!!!

Grant is now 18 months old!!! Typing that completely floors me...The idea that we are halfway to his 2nd birthday honestly shocks me...I feel like life is just flying by....and it kind of scares me. I'm trying to learn to embrace the present, but it's hard not to be nostalgic when the weeks/months go by so quickly!

At 18 months, Grant has really come into his own personality! He is in SUCH a silly stage right now! He loves to laugh and make people laugh...he reminds me SO much of Harper...speaking of which, Harp is his best bud. Harper gets right down to his level (physically AND maturity-wise ;) and they have so much fun together!

His life mission every single day is to sneak into the bathroom...he watches for someone to forget to close the door and he runs as fast as his stubby little legs can carry him to the door...most of the time, the door gets closed before he gets to it, but nonetheless, he tries every time.

His favorite thing to do during the day (besides follow the boys around everywhere they go, of course) is to open our pantry cabinets and swipe whatever is in reach-typically packages of dry noodles, or extra paper towels/napkins. He then carries said items around the house until he tires, to which he throws them down wherever he happens to be at. It is not uncommon to find spaghetti noodle boxes peeking out from under the couch, or new paper towel rolls on the boys' bookshelf.

Grant's hair is still a colorful mess. He has every color possible on that cute head of his...blonde in the very top front, light brown & auburn all over, and super dark patches in the back. I thought it would have an even color by now. And his eyes are still hazel, but they do tend to look way more brown then they use to.

He isn't speaking a whole lot...especially not on command, but he does use words/phrases, just when he wants to. I'm honestly not concerned at his point, because I DO know that he understands most of what I'm saying. I would be worried if the receptive language wasn't there, but I really do know he gets the majority of what we say. I am going to be looking to build up his language over the next 6 months...especially with the boys in school now!

His newest accomplishments as of late is climbing (on everything), and learning to open the refrigerator door. He plants his feet just right and pulls as hard as he can. He is typically seen walking around the house with bottles of ketchup and/or ranch, and occasionally a jar of pickles.

His absolute favorite foods right now include grapes, cheese, and bananas...and like the boys, he LOVES his milk. With the boys home this summer, we were going through 3 gallons of milk a week...and Kane and I do not drink any! We need a cow! :)

His 18m check up is tomorrow, so we'll know his stats then...I DO know my boy is solid...my back has really been hurting a lot lately...6.5 years of carrying babies (for a long time, two at a time!) has really caught up with me. He was 26lbs at 15m, so I'm thinking he's prob not much heavier then that.

Every single night, Kane and I sneak into Grant's room and watch him sleep. We gush about how perfect he is (obviously we know he isn't "perfect," haha) and sometimes pick him up for a few last snuggles. We are different parents with him then we were with the boys...I think knowing how fast it goes by makes us appreciate this age more. It is UNREAL how blessed we are that God chose US to be their parents.

We love you SO much sweet boy! Happy half birthday!!!

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  1. Hi there
    Ive just discovered this blog. It's lovely reading about your family, esp Grant. My 9 week old baby girl was recently diagnosed with Goldenhar syndrome. It's nice to read about your family who have gone through it all already.
    Ill continue to follow your story


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