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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kindergarten and 1st Grade!!!


That pretty much sums up life right now, haha! I just realized today that I haven't sat down to blog about the boys first day (err....week..) of school! 

Last Monday, I sent my oldest babies off to Kindergarten and 1st Grade! They had a pretty good week, overall! Harp is having the time of his life! Preschool (and now Kindergarten) has really allowed him to blossom and branch off from big brother's shadow. He is such a friendly, easy-going kid, and has already made several "best friends," and is apparently in love with a girl in his class named Sophia (I'm only half joking...). Carson has had an overall good week, but he has had one hiccup with his first grade teacher substitute...His real teacher is on maternity leave until the end of the month, so hopefully things will go more smoothly when she gets back. 

We've also been busy with football practice every Tuesday & Thursday nights, and church on Wednesdays.

Here are a few first day of school pics!  

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