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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Next Manning Brothers?!

Will the Trochelman brothers be the next football stars? 

ehhh.....probably not! haha!!

but they sure are cute, aren't they?!

They are having a really great time and have learned so much this season! We are already 4 games in and only have 1 game left of the regular season before the playoffs. And...we are undefeated! Next Saturday, we are playing a really tough team (also undefeated), and it is going to be hard to beat them...even so, I'm excited for them and for how far they have come!

Carson really has a lot of heart-even if he doesn't pull the flag everytime, he tries, which is all that want from him. And Harp-really has come a LONG way, haha! Bless his heart-the first game he ever played, he probably didn't even the know the name of his team, much less what to do! At one point during that game, he was in the OTHER teams huddle! lol!! 

Here's a super short (grainy) video from practice the other night of Harp (in the red)...he's come a long way!! They both have!

It's been a fun season...Carson already has his sights on playing tackle next year, but I'm not sure we'll let him...I think he's going to need another year of flag...I really wish will we had a full flag division for kids of all ages! 

Anyways, all for now!!

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