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Friday, December 20, 2013

December in a nutshell

Can't believe how fast this year month has flown by! Our lives have been consumed with school activities, therapy 2x a week, sick kids, sick kids, and more sick kids. Tis the season, right? 

This gem is from Thanksgiving...I think it will be many years before we can get a decent family picture! Oh well.

Because I'm an awesome mom, I forgot to take pictures of all the Christmas activities this month at school and outside of school...I do have a few cute pictures on my phone of Grant playing peekaboo with two men dressed as Frosty and Rudolph from a Christmas party we were at, but I don't feel like uploading it to the computer right now! :) By the way, I could not BELIEVE he didn't freak his freak when he saw them. Maybe he's used to the boys dressing up in all their crazy costumes?!

Little guy got new glasses for Christmas (from his grandparents) this week! He really needed a new pair (his blue pair were super scratched from when he was going through a rough time with them, and they were a bit too small for his face). I just LOVE them on him!

The boys have all been so sick lately. Two weeks ago, we had a stomach bug hit Harp and Grant, and then  last week and this week Carson caught strep and a virus, and Harp and Grant caught a virus (high fever and cold). Grant is STILL recovering from it. Today was the boys last day of school until January, so hopefully we can keep the germs at bay! It was Polar Express Day today, so they got to wear their jammies to school, drink hot chocolate, and watch Polar Express. It was also a half day which made it that much more fun!

Anyways, all for now...hopefully I can check in more frequently after Christmas!

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