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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Charlotte and Snow Week!

Just popping in to blog about our last half of January!

Last weekend Kane and I went to Charlotte for the weekend sans kiddos! Kane had a meeting with corporate on Saturday morning, so I braved big city traffic and hit up a few of my favorite places....Super Target, Starbucks, and the mall! It was a fun (and strange!) morning to be out and about by myself...it NEVER happens. Like....I can count on one hand in 7 years. Anyways, afterwards, I went to relax at the hotel for a bit, had lunch, and then picked Kane up. We had a great time and hope we can do it again soon! Like...next month maybe? Here's to hoping!

The boys were out of school this Monday for a teacher workday, so it is always fun to have them home for the day...We had a storm heading our way, and so with the impending weather around the corner, the schools were closed Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon it started sleeting, sleeting some more, and by Wednesday morning, we awoke to a several inches of ice, and an inch or so of snow! Obviously the schools (along with the rest of the city!) was closed, so we did what snow-deprived southerners do...we got out our boogie boards and had some fun! 

With the temps staying below freezing, and no melting in sight, the boys were off of school Thursday AND Friday. We never left the house, but I saw many pics via FB and our roads were completely covered in ice. Friday the ice and snow finally started melting, so the kids and I headed to a MUCH needed trip to the grocery store...our first trip out of the house since Sunday! It was a scary drive, but we survived! :)

The boys are heading back to school tomorrow after a week off from school, so hopefully we can get back into a routine.  Also, can ya'll believe I'm planning Grant's 2nd birthday?! 

All for now!

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