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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

oh, hey

Just like that, a month has passed by since my last blog session. I feel like it takes SO much effort to sit down and blog, so I don't....and I'm okay with that! I don't want to abandon my little online journal, so here is a compilation of grainy cell phone pics, along with tidbits from our life as of late!

Can ya'll handle this cuteness?! I can't. He can almost get away with everything. Actually, he is my easiest and best behaved tot to date (I'm sure I just majorly jinxed myself there!), so he makes being his mom an absolute joy!

BUT, when I (or Kane or the boys) get after him, his little heart cannot handle it! His lip pokes out, quivers, and then he cries the saddest little cry in the world. I almost apologize for scolding him.

These two guys are doing great. Growing, eating us out of house and home (seriously! especially Harp...that kid can EAT.) and doing exceptional at school. 

They make it so easy to be proud of them!

This little guy had his 2 year check up today...he weighed in at 30lbs and was 36 in long. I'm not going to embarrass him and tell y'all his head circumference, but that noggin of his is huge...even so, hanging at the 95 percentile makes him have the SMALLEST head of the 3 boys. lol!

Grant has come SOOO far developmentally. I am SO excited for him. He still has a way to go, but he has just blossomed lately. His speech is really starting to take off, and we have overcame major sensory issues. We are still struggling a bit with his digestive system, and his vision, but he is seriously a completely different kid than he was 6 months ago. 

Well, all for now! Hopefully so much time won't pass before I check in again! Harp's birthday is in a few weeks, so between that, regular life, school events, therapies, and planning our summer vacation, life will be super busy. Until next time!

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