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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Harper is SIX!

It is downright shocking to type these words...but my little rockstar is SIX today. Call me crazy, but I still think of Harp as a 3-4 year old...sadly, those days are gone. He has grown and matured SO much this past year. He is rocking kindergarten! He is such an awesome reader, flying through books and writing stories nonstop...that has been his favorite thing to do lately! He either types them on the computer or makes his own "book" filled with stories from the unconquerable Power Rangers. :) Speaking of which, he is CRAZY about some Power Rangers lately...another certain child of mine will seriously have a new "thing" every week..(you name it...Avengers, Star Wars, Angry Birds, Zombies, etc.), but Harper stays faithful to his Rangers (and Spidey!) of course. :) He has always been so simple and easy to please, and I LOVE that about him. Harper is still a budding rockstar, spending his afternoons "playing" his guitar and perfecting his cool moves. He loves to pretend play, and is always seen around the house with some kind of costume on.............or nothing at all. :) It's either one extreme or another...and even if I have to tell him to go put some pants on 54654x a day, I wouldn't have it any other way! 

6 years of Harp: 

(top row: NB, 4mon, 1y. 2nd row: all 2-3ys, 3rd row: 4y, 5y, 6y)

We love you SO much Harper (or "Ar-pah" as Grant calls you :) You bring so much joy to our lives! 
Happy 6th Birthday to the coolest kid I know!!

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