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Monday, November 3, 2014

Fall Fun

Checking in after a few months off to post some pictures and update our little journal! 

2014 had to have been the fastest year in the history of the world...how in the world it is November is beyond me...In just a few weeks (or less!) we will have a new baby in our family...it feels like it was just yesterday when we found out we were unexpectedly expecting again! 

Life is so busy, but in a good way. It's just the season we are in...the boys of course have school all day, Grant still has therapy 2x a week, and I have OB appointments galore. The boys are in scouts right now, but I'm not entirely sure we'll continue with it....we'll see! 

Here are some random pics from the last month or so! 

The boys at 7.5, 2.5, and 6.5 

We had 2 Iron Men and a fireman for Halloween this year! (Harp was suppose to be Captain America but he outgrew his costume before he could wear it!)

 From the character parade at school...Harp was Anakin from his Star Wars book and Carson was a Ninja!

Grant before church last Sunday...Even though 90 percent of Grant's clothes are the boys' hand me downs, its still crazy to see him wearing the same clothes the boys were just wearing like yesterday...

Carson photobombed by Grant :)

From Harper's field trip last week!

A couple of belly pics: 

28 weeks:

34 weeks:

Kane has had the same vehicle for 7 years and although it wasn't the nicest car, or the most attractive car, it has been a faithful car to us...but it is officially DONE. We knew we would have to buy him a new vehicle soon, but were hoping to hold of until after the new year...until we started having issues with our van too :/ Having one "dead" car and 1 unreliable car just weeks away from having a baby is not ideal, but as always, God provided. We will still have to get some work done eventually on our old van (that Kane is now driving) but we are really LOVING our new van! :)

All for now...as crazy as this sounds, the next time I update this blog...we will be a family SIX!

Until then...

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