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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

modest is hottest

much to kane's dismay, i bought a one piece bathing suit. well, actually when i showed him a picture of it (while browsing the web) he was thrilled because he thought it was a nightgown. ha! sorry to burst your bubble sweetheart, but thats no nightgown.

anyways, kane was complaining about my one piece bathing suit because he claims i already wear those "granny shorts." actually, they are bermuda shorts and i prefer them.

more and more recently, i feel as though i need to be careful  as to what i wear. i know i'm young and otherwise it should be perfectly acceptable for me to wear bikinis and tube-tops. but, i am also a mom. a mom to two boys. and i know that who i am and how i dress greatly affects them and who they choose (or not choose) to be with when they begin dating. i want them to respect females. and that could get quite tricky if their mama is walking around with low-cut shirts and short-shorts.

and realistically, those kind of outfits aren't suited for any mom with toddlers. i only say that because more than a few times, i have been holding one of the boys and i look down and realize they've been pulling on my shirt, bearing my chest to half of walmart. and i thought all those people were looking at me because my kids are so darn cute! nope!

so i'm starting a new revolution. modest is hottest. and i totally stole that from target.com. so hopefully they won't sue me for copyright infringement!

oh and don't worry kane. if we are able to get away next month for our anniversary, i'll consider wearing something less modest ;)

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  1. love it! i'm in the same boat - especially for my girls!!!
    thanks for your help tonight!


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