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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

what NOT to wear...

Okay, so I'm totally stealing the basic idea from Bethany, but I just couldn't help myself.

She just wrote a post about must-haves for women, so I thought I'd write a post for the men...only this will be a "what not to wear" edition.

Feel free to share with your husbands.

Before I continue, let me be the first to note that although I am drawing inspiration for the post from my husband, who is not known for his fashion ability, I am in no way shape or form picking on him. This is just a friendly reminder of what not to wear (outside of the walls of our home). Unless Kane I mean your husband, is (a) going to the dump or (b) its Halloween.

So here it is...My collection of "What Not To Wear" for the guys.

one. White socks with dress pants. Especially on our your wedding day.

two. Beige Canvas slip-ons with khakis...Really, they only look 'decent' with jeans. Actually, just do your husband a favor and throw them away.
three. Buy your husband shirts that fit. For the longest time, Kane swore he could wear a medium, so everyday I would watch him squeeze into one. Only it looked like he is wearing a bellyshirt (ie. not attractive). So he finally gave in and let me buy him large. Truthfully, I really need to shop at Big and Tall for him because he is so long, but I'll have to ease him into that idea. Baby steps, folks. Take baby steps.

four. Colorful undershirts. Stick with white or black when wearing them under the nice shirt. Because regardless of what you think, everyone can see the bright colors poking out from under your shirt. Seriously.

five. Finally men...never ever ever never 'wear' a unibrow. Its such a simple fix. Let your wives take care of that problem for you. You'll have more confidence if you do. And if not, then at least your wives will appreciate it.

Now ladies, make sure to be sensitive to your husbands' feelings. Don't badger them day in and day out over their clothing choices. Simply introduce the idea one clothing article at a time. And if that doesn't work, hide the undesirable items. And as for the uni, slip some Tylenol PM in their drink at dinner-you can take care of the unibrow while they are sleeping, and they will be none the wiser (just kidding..:)

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  1. hahaha! I'll have to share these tips with my hubby! too cute!


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