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Monday, March 7, 2011

confessions of a junk food addict.

confession time. i am incredibly unhealthy. i am a soda-junky, caffeine-feining, dessert-loving mess. i always have been. regardless of what some may think, i have never had an eating disorder (anorexia, specifically), i simply lose weight when i'm incredibly stressed. i have never cared about my weight, nor have i ever had to watch what i eat. genetics and young age are on my side. however, just because i'm "thin" doesn't mean i'm healthy. i've always been aware that i am unhealthy, but have never done anything to fix it. i have never changed my diet, nor do i exercise. i rarely eat meat and only drink milk if it is mixed with chocolate or in my coffee. what may seem odd about all of this is that i care (sometimes too much) about what my kids consume. they drink milk like its going out of style. eat wheat bread only. have fruit for snacktime. take daily vitamins. you get the point. but i do none of these things. my unhealthy habits seem to be quite obvious lately. since the move, i have been soo sluggish. exhausted beyond belief. in a bit of a funk. and i really think this has to do with my eating habits. while preparing for the move, we ate fast-food non-stop. i was simply too busy cleaning and preparing to make healthy dinners, and it was just soo easy for kane to pick up a pizza on the way home. i gained weight. about 10 pounds in the past few months. which is okay to a certain extent. but the added weight has served as a reminder to me that i have got to get my heatlh under control. i really need to take care of myself. let me just make something clear....i am not trying to lose weight. i am simply trying to feel better. so here is my (beginners) 3 step working plan: i will start taking vitamins. i will drink 17 oz of water a day (i drink none now. zip. zero. so 17 oz is a lot for me!). i will no longer eat oreos/cheese puffs/snickers icecream when the boys are in bed at night. so thats my beginning plan. i really belive i am addicted to junk. so instead of setting myself up for failure, i will take baby steps in the right direction. so if you see me shoving mcd's in my mouth, don't hate. ;) i love fast food-i don't see that being cut out of my diet anytime soon! :)

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