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Thursday, March 10, 2011

six posts in one

so here's the scoop: (try to keep up, i'm going to be all over the place!)

{a} our dear fish that we got carson for his birthday is still alive!

amazing right?!

i'm pretty sure we hold some kind of record for keeping a goldfish alive for longer than 3 days.

especially since i'm pretty sure there were like 4 or 5 days {consecutively} where we forgot to feed it. 


{b} my almost 3 year old is still not potty trained. nor does he have any desire to be. and yes, he still totes and dotes on his beloved baby.

i always get tickled when people comment on how nice the boys are always dressed. they rarely have clothes on at the house. and i mean rarely.

{c} 8 months later, the kids are still obsessed with VBS music. there is not a day that goes by where they don't YouTube the Vast Voyage video.

{d} carson has been having these odd allergic reactions to something. i'm thinking it is a (minor) food allergy because it is just on his face?? it is so strange to me because he's never had any problems before.

they start off looking like pimples and then transform into scratch-like lesions. he has his 4 year check-up in a few weeks so i'm going to have them look into it (unless it gets worse before then).

{e} my dad's cousin owns a resale shop here in town and so kane and i went last weekend searching for nightstands for our bedroom. we scored. big time. check it out, we got both nightstands for a whopping $30 (altogther!). and a plus? they match our bed.

{f} health update: the proof is on the microwave.

i did start taking multi-vitamins (after a slight mix-up of buying one-a-day vitamins for women ages 50+), but i have failed miserably on the junk-food front.

after the previous post was published, i polished off the rest of my snickers icecream. and then yesterday i saw these at the grocery store:

they were singing to me, begging me to buy them.

so of course i couldn't resist.

and i will enjoy eating every single one of them, guilt free. :)

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  1. This post really reminds me of our family. a) goldfish are great, I'm pretty sure ours only got fed like once a week but he survived until we left for Christmas and shut the heat off (note to self: they don't like cold). b) potty training: it's a nightmare, don't go there unless you have to. trying to force a boy to use a toilet he doesn't want to use....believe me when I say, it's easier (and MUCH cleaner) to just change diapers. :-) c) Bible school music is very popular at our house also, we play that $5 CD nearly every time we're in the car. It's something the kids love and doesn't drive me completely insane. I have no comment on d. (I'm no Dr.) e) they look great f) well....I'm just not going to go there. I need to check in here more often, you have an awesome blog.


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