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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


life has been so busy and school work has taken over blogging time!

really quick update:

irene was NOT a direct hit for us (it went further up the coast to the OBX), but we did feel tropical storm effects starting friday afternoon until very late saturday night (this was a honkin' huge storm). we lost power around 7 am on saturday morning and didn't get it back on until around 7 pm that night. therefore, we spent the entire day with family nearby who both had power. fortunately, we had no damage to our house (save for a few shingles) and no trees down (just limbs!). i think its safe to say we really dodged a bullet with this one, unlike so much more of the East Coast.

switching gears, harp FINALLY let us take off/cut off the rest of his bandages from the "biopsy". praisethelord. he was NOT about to let anyone touch it, but after much prodding and convincing (read: forcefully holding down and bribery), we got the rest of the original bandages off (which should have been done within the two weeks...hmm...)

i had a routine OB appointment yesterday and the baby is doing great. no ultrasound, but we did get to hear the hearbeat! we'll find out the sex of the baby in the next 3-4 weeks...and FYI i might punch the next person who tells me they are "praying" we'll have a girl. so beware. i also had to do the whole "history" thing with the RN again (seriously...this is my third), and she gave me one of the those "welcome to pregnancy" bags filled with magazines and other junk...i mean completely relevant material. i got home and was going through what i was going to have to trash, and umm....yeah they've upped their game since i was there for my boys. a cute diaper/wipe pouch, a super nice planner, and LOTs of formula.


my oldest baby is starting preschool on friday. enough said. if i ever have time, i'll have to blog about that. and when his preschool teacher came over for a home visit. carson, the master blabbermouth, did not disappoint.


and one more thing...


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  1. hehe, I laughed at your "praying for a girl" comment! Personally, I think it's so rude for people to say that they prefer one gender over the other. It's a pet peeve of mine. Hope you are feeling well!



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