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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Carson's Party & this week.

This year we decided to have a really low-key birthday party for Carson.  Last year's party was a lot of fun (and work!), but I kind of just ran out of time this year. So we decided to have a super small party for just immediate family & then take him out to do whatever he wanted to do that weekend. I also took cupcakes & juice to his class on his birthday (Monday).  

 Carson chose to do Glow in the Dark Mini Golf. It was really fun watching Kane & the boys play! Grant and I watched from the side :) Harp lost interest halfway through, so I took him to go ride a few rides. They also had a laser room that Carson did and I hate that I missed it! After golf, we went out to eat.

Carson had an Angry Birds Party. He really wanted a Power Ranger party but I waited too long to order online. It was fun & simple to put together! Here are a few pictures from the party:

Kane & me :)

The birthday boy!

Some of the presents:

The boys being silly



These two had their own dance party!

 Blowing out the candles!
I am SO thankful that I have always been able to be a stay-at-home Mom-God has always provided for us in every season. All of the material things that we don't have is such a small sacrifice for us to make for me to be able to stay home. And even though Carson & Harper are at school now during the day, I have been able to be active/semi-active (hey, now-I still have another little at home :) in the boys' classrooms. I love being able to get in their classrooms, interact with their friends & teachers, and get a glimpse into their school life. 

Last Friday, I went with Harper's class to the skating rink! They have been learning about Winter, and went to the skating rink to go practice "ice-skating" :) My mom graciously watched Grant (which she normally does while I do class things with the boys-another HUGE blessing to me). I had so much fun with Harp-he did a little bit better then Carson did last year :) That, or maybe he seemed to have done better since I was 35 weeks pregnant last time I went. After a bit of skating, he got on a scooter and had SO much fun on it. We ended up leaving early because "he didn't feel good," and needed me to carry him. I did. That baby has grown up too fast and if my almost 5 year old wants me to carry him, then I will happily oblige...those moments are quickly fleeting. 

My phone is SO messed up and has a mind of it's own-my camera will not work most of the time and if does happen to work, it will self-delete all new pictures. Anyways, if I do not immediately text/email/instagram them, they are lost forever. Unfortunately, I only saved one picture from Carson's class party :( oh well. 

They were singing to him here:

Tuesday, Harp's class had a snack-time parent activity. I kind of forgot about it until the last minute, so Grant and I ran up there quickly after breakfast. Grant was such a little terror there. He screamed & fussed. He yelled and arched his back get down out of my arms. He tried and screamed in anger when he couldn't grab Harp's snack. And he threw things and hit me. So basically, I had a toddler for the day. I REALLY hope that wasn't a glimpse into our near future :/ 

Anyways, when I wasn't wrangling Grant, I watched Harp build a snowman out of snack foods. All of the other kids laid their snowmen out in 2D fashion, but Harper [being the rockstar that he is] made his 3D ;)

The boys have a 4 day weekend this weekend & Kane has a 3 day weekend (yay!), so we'll be enjoying a restful weekend of family fun!

All for now!

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