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Monday, May 27, 2013

15 months and this past week

This past week:
Monday: Harp wakes up with 3 bumps on face. It looks like hives on his face by the time he gets out of preschool.
Tuesday: His face is covered in "pimples." Big, red, "pimples." They don't hurt/itch. No fever. I take him to ped's office. They think he cut his face and bacteria got in, it spread through the face paint from the PPD picnic. Put on an oral antibiotic and an antibiotic cream.
Wednesday: I was going to make him go to preschool, but it looked too bad. 
Thursday: the elementary school calls-Carson is really sick. Throwing up and diarrhea. Awesome. Pick him up and the poor babe laid on the couch/bed with a bed pan until Saturday/Sunday. 
Thursday afternoon: Harp's consult with ENT. ENT report: Harp's tonsils are so large, they are almost touching. His adenoids are huge and are pushing against his tonsils. All needs to come out ASAP.
Friday: Lysol, bleach the house like crazy. Wash 5 loads of clothes. Lysol some more. And pray HARD that no one else gets it.
Saturday night: Grant starts vomiting.
Sunday afternoon: Harp starts vomiting. 

this picture just doesn't do justice to how bad his face looked in person.

The week before, Carson had strep. He was still on an antibiotic regimen when he got the stomach bug. His poor body is just so weak. This school year alone, Carson has had strep 3x, stomach bug 2x, and a virus. Not to mention so many colds and random fevers that I never took him in for. We love his teachers and friends, but I am READY for summer break...we really need that break from the germs.

In the midst of all this, Grant hit the 15 month mark on Thursday! He is walking everywhere now, and only crawls if he falls while walking somewhere. He falls quite a bit with his shoes on, so we are working on getting use to wearing shoes. His favorite activity is to go to this room and pulls bottles of lotion and diaper supplies out of baskets and walk with them around the house. He also likes to open the pantry doors and walk around with whatever he can grab: crackers, raisins, soy sauce...

He has his top molars in already, and one of his bottoms came in a few weeks ago..the other bottom molar is just about to be completely through.

I know lighting can make all of the difference in pictures, but in person, his eyes are hazel and his hair is light brown with a good bit of auburn too. Most of the time, he looks like a full-out red head in pictures!

LOL! This last picture cracks me up. Such a goob!

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