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Sunday, June 2, 2013


Grant had another appointment with his pediatric ophthalmologist last week (a routine check up which he has every 3-4 months). Everything is fine (other then the astigmatism, of course). After talking with the cornea specialist, our two eye doctors have decided that right now, the best route is for Grant to wear glasses to see if it helps correct the astigmatism (caused-of course-by the limbal dermoids on his eyes). Surgery to remove them is a tricky procedure, and really should only be done if all other avenues are exhausted. The Cornea Specialist told me that if the dermoids become something that Grant is self conscious about (say-in another 10 years), that large, thick contacts (that also cover the dermoids) are absolutely a possibility and a route we'll take then. I'm very happy and at peace with the outcome.

After we left the Dr.'s office, we headed downstairs to pick Grant out some glasses! We had exactly 4 choices: a blue rubber pair, a pink rubber pair, and two ugly metal ones. The lady helping me told me nobody has quite broke into the toddler-glasses fashion scene yet-haha! Having a 1 year old boy-the obvious choice was of course the blue rubber ones (they DID have black ones too, but they had to be special ordered which would take several more weeks, so I decided to just wait until next year :) 

These are just the display glasses of course (his will still take several more weeks to come in), but here they are! 

I have a feeling a lot of bribery and candy consumption will occur to keep these things on! haha!

We are counting down the last few days of school!!!

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