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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Baptism and this past week!

After Carson accepted Jesus into his heart a few weeks ago, Kane and I started talking to him about getting baptized. We talked to him a bit about what it was and we read about John the Baptist in scripture.

Because we have been doing this whole two-church thing for a whole year now, we decided we would give Carson 100% choice as to where he would get baptized-at "home/old church" where we still attend on Wednesdays, or "new church" where we attend on Sundays for the service and Sunday School. Without any hesitation, he chose new church. We asked him a few more times in the days following, and he was pretty adamant about the pastor at new church baptizing him...so new church it was! 

Today was the big day: he was a bit nervous, but also SO excited!

The funny thing about technology is that we have the ability to capture/record any and all memories that we choose...but at the same time, it really distracts us from being in the moment. I didn't record the baptism simply because I wanted to enjoy the moment in real time. I did manage to snap just a couple of pictures, though :)


After church, my parents along with Kane's mom and sister went to grab lunch with us! It's always interesting eating with these crazies!

And this is what Grant thought about getting his picture made with Harp! haha!

Kane and me with Carson-the sun was in his face :)

And an attempt at a family picture...these just keep getting worse and worse! ha!

We've had a busy July so far! This past week we had VBS at new church and this week, Kane's oldest brother, wife & kids will be here visiting! 

All for now!

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