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Thursday, July 18, 2013

thredUP reviews & recommendations

**I never do these kind of blog posts-I usually just stick to journaling my kids' lives-but I really couldn't find any non-sponsored reviews/recommendations about thredUP online, so I thought I would do one! :) **

**i am in no way affiliated with this company...just a customer!**

if you don't know already....

thredUP is an online consignment shop. they sell second-hand AND new clothes for women (regular, maternity, petite, and plus sizes), as well as children's clothing (12months-size 20). They have not broken into the men's scene yet. 

I've ordered several items from them over the past several weeks and have been overall very pleased! They have a HUGE selection (which can be overwhelming), but have awesome filter options that can help narrow the selection down.

You can choose from (among other things) sizes, brand, category of clothing, price, and new with tags. I cannot stress enough  for you to use the filters! I like to stick with brands that I know just because I know how different brands fit me. (for example: I know how Target brands, Old Navy (which includes Banana Republic and Gap), etc. fit me, so I usually just filter those brands when browsing to keep it safe, since this is the web and there are no dressing rooms :)

The prices are great and the shipping is reasonable (2.99 for first item, .99 for every item after that).

And now...the downside...:)

-The number one complaint I see about them (but have NOT experienced) is trying to sell TO them...apparently, you don't get a lot of $$ for your items, and the processing time is long. I have not and will not sell to them, so can't speak personally here...just something I see constantly on their facebook.

-I (like many others), like immediate gratification....meaning, when I order something, I like to get it quickly. The turn around time for this company kind of stinks...it averages 8-10 days before I get my order...(NOTE: I live on the East Coast and TU is based out of Cali.) Obviously, where you live in the country makes a huge difference delivery-wise, but even so, it usually takes 3-4 days for them to even ship my items.

-Their customer service is incredibly nice...IF you can get ahold of them...which is VERY hard to do.


If you can get past those things, it really is a great online consignment company to shop at!

Another great tip to share: there are always coupons available for FIRST time customers. The first time I ordered, I used a coupon for free shipping plus 35% off [THRED35].....I have no idea if that coupon is still available, but it's worth a try. If not there are ALWAYS coupons available online.

Also...I LOVE their refer-a-friend credit...if you share your given link, new customers receive $10 off their first order.

My personal share link is:


Any new customers who use that link will immediately receive $10 off their order. I'm not sure if it can be combined with another coupon? Worth a shot! :)

Also, if you download their mobile app, you can receive 20% your order too. (note: this coupon is the currently available coupon that can be used for returning customers!)

Here are a few things I have ordered:

The windbreaker, cardigan, and shorts (all for me) were all brand new. The shorts were $3 & cardigan was $5 and the windbreaker was $8. The two shirts on the far right I bought for my sons, and were each $2.99.

Anyways, I know this was kind of long, but just wanted to pass along a customer review and a few recommendations in case someone in the cyber-world comes across this post!

Happy shopping! 


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