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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May Update

How can it be almost JUNE? Wasn't it just Christmas like two weeks ago? Craziness. As you can imagine, our life stays busy...especially as it nears the end of the school year...class field trips, parties, music performances, field day, mothers day events, and so much more! And Grant still has therapy twice a week, for good measure. Its such a fun (and exhausting!) time for the kiddos...of course we are all eagerly counting down until summer vacation! The boys cannot wait to spend their days swimming, swimming some more, and of course being lazy! :) 

So here is just a jumble of what our past month has looked like....
(thank goodness for Instagram!)

Mother's Day breakfast with the boys at school!

Field Day! It is SO much fun watching them and cheering them on!

Mother's Day. 

Kindergarten and 1st Grd. Spring Musical! Carson had one of the leads...My phone was about to die, so I could only record a small snippet and take a few pictures, but they are performing it again later this week, so hopefully I'll get it all on video then! :)

(there was a lady in front of me with an EMPTY stroller blocking Harper, but he is sitting on the floor singing, and Carson is on stage with the farmer hat on ("Jacob" the farmer). 

This past weekend my MIL's company picnic. It's is always hosted downtown at the Battleship, and the boys had the absolute best time! 

As you can see, Harp had to settle for the hypoallergenic markers on his cheek as opposed to the full face paint...we found out the hard way at last years picnic that he is VERY allergic to face paint.

Family photo before we left!

Well thats all for now! Until next time!

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