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Monday, June 16, 2014

Quick catch up!

We are FINALLY done with the school year, and summer is officially here! The last weeks of school are always so hectic (in a fun way!), so here is a little catch up post!

While the boys were finishing up the last few weeks of school, Grant and I were getting some last one-on-one time before the crazies were with us all day long in the summer...we took fun trips to Fit for Fun, the Splash Pad, and the beach!

Carson and Harp are such fish...they LOVE to be in the pool, so they have spent lots of time already in grandma and grandpa's pool, and NaNa's community pool.

The boys had their end of year programs and awards last week...I cannot believe how fast this school year went....and are they now rising 1st and 2nd graders?! Unreal!!

They both had such awesome teachers this year, we are really going to miss them! I took a billion pictures and videos, but here are just a few.

And here's a quick fathers day pic from yesterday...Happy Father's Day Kane!!! We love you!!!

All for now!! Check back next week for some fun stuff!

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