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Monday, August 18, 2014

Disney World!

Wow, it's been a while since I've checked in on here! As you can see, I took the summer off...although it wasn't necessarily intentional :) It's been a nice break, but even so, I wanted to get on here and document our family vacation!

Last week, we went to Disney World! This trip has been in the works for quite some time....we actually started planning it BEFORE finding out about baby #4...when we found out I was expecting, we talked about just cancelling the trip altogether, but realized with a fourth child on the way-it was either now or never!  We were able to find incredible rates back in the Spring at a resort at Disney (I'm being real here-it's the equivalent of a Motel 6...but cleaner and slightly nicer-plus you get the perks of staying on Disney property!). Kane also had the opportunity to do some work out of town for a few days that basically paid for the majority of the trip. Disney CAN be expensive, but we were miraculously able to stay in a very doable budget! 

Anyways, we left last Monday, did the parks Tuesday and Wednesday, and headed back Thursday (after a fun morning of swimming and shopping :) For us, two days at the parks were perfect because, well, I AM 25 weeks pregnant with my 4th babe, and then there's Grant-who was basically a perfect angel the entire trip (I'm not being sarcastic here...he really was SO good the entire time!)...even so, a 3rd day may have pushed him too far :)

We went to Magic Kingdom the first day and Hollywood Studios the second day. Here are some grainy-cell phone pics in no particular order:

This was at Hollywood Studios. There was a big Frozen thing going on and Olaf made it snow!

We went to Downtown Disney Wednesday evening and visited the Lego store.

Balloon animals from dinner one night...Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Barney!

Can you spy Grant in the middle? Harp, Grant, and Kane on Dumbo!

Indiana Jones show at Hollywood Studios...it was SO good!

Our hotel.

Splash mountain! Carson and my dad (my parents went to Disney with us!) are in the second row...Kane and Harp were on a different canoe and I didn't get a pic fast enough of them coming down!

Love this...Grant and Kane on Winnie the Pooh ride. Grant kept calling it "Poo-poo!"

Lego store.


Lego store.

Snowing at Hollywood Studios!

Carson and my dad on the roller coaster. (Harp and Kane were on a different plane...I don't know how they kept getting separated, ha!)


Disney Princesses and Princes dancing...I thought this was cool, but the boys could have cared less.

Terrible pic of me..but me, Grant and Kane on the Aladdin ride. 

My parents and the boys on the Aladdin ride! 

Our hotel. 

The boys actually got on the Tower of Terror! They absolutely loved it! Although I think Kane and my dad might be scarred for life, lol! 

This cracks me up. Harp wasn't tall enough to reach, so Carson gave him a lift :)

I'll probably add more pics later, but thats all for now! 

I'll definitely check back in next week to document the boys' first days of school! 

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